healthy diet weight loss, natural healing, herbal healingNatural health includes so much more than just seeking to heal an ailment with a home remedy after it appears.  Healthy living includes boosting the immune system to build resistance to disease (or autoimmune disorders), as well as maintaining balanced fitness of the mind, body and spirit as a total package.

The bath and body products we use can have just as much effect on our well-being as the foods we consume, and the state of our mental health plays a major role in our overall wellness.

As a person who has suffered with autoimmune disorders since 1999, along with other chronic conditions, I’ve passionately sought to heal the source of my health problems, rather than “covering up symptoms” with a closet full of prescribed drugs.  Trust me when I say that I’ve been run through the gamut with ineffective prescription medications!  (They seemed to have many more devastating side effects than measurable benefits.)

My own experiences, along with a strong desire to learn, led me to study wild plants with an intense interest.  These same plants were used as both medicine and food by my Native American and Pioneering ancestors.   I believe no one would ever go hungry if they took the time to study, and utilize the “weeds” in a responsible manner, and with ethical harvesting practices to insure wild plants remain sustainable.

In Back to Natural Now, I am sharing the things I’ve learned to help empower others.  Please note that I am NOT a medical professional and I will never suggest that you imitate anything I discuss or personally do myself.  For my protection and yours, I must insist that you read and agree to the Disclaimers and Terms of Use before proceeding with this website.  They are located at the bottom of every page.  Always seek the advice of your licensed medical doctor before trying any wild foods, home remedies, or alternative therapies.

Once you’re ready to proceed, you can look forward to topics such as these:

  • Medicinal and edible wild plants identification and historical uses
  • Recipes for common foods, as well as wild-harvested food and drink
  • Natural bath and body products, their benefits, sources and recipes
  • Introduction and reviews of alternative therapy options, as well as physical exercise
  • Addressing the power of the mind and spirit in relation to wellness
  • Considerations for chronic illness, especially in survival situations
Here are a few posts in the Health Category to help get you started:


fight autoimmune disease20 Ideas to Fight or Prevent Autoimmunity

Human immune systems only needed to fight off five kinds of invaders: Molds, Bacteria, Virus, Fungus and Parasites. Most toxic substances in our modern world, however, are another story. Think about what has changed in our environment and way of life during the time frame that autoimmune disorders seem to have exploded. Here are 20 ideas to help fight and prevent autoimmune disease.


danette may 30 day weight loss challenge, healthy diet for weight loss, burn fatDanette May’s New You 30-Day Challenge begins March 6, 2017

Participants are given a healthy diet for weight loss with great-tasting foods and exchanges that won’t leave them counting calories or starving, gentle 10-15 minute exercise workouts to target specific areas, body-detoxing strategies, metabolism-boosting tips, and most important of all; 30 full days of support and access to a professional trainer. Sign up here.


Autoimmune Disease, Aging and Fitness: 10 Weight Loss and Toning Tips

Keeping in shape over 40 can be difficult enough, but the struggle is multiplied when you also suffer from autoimmune disorders, or other chronic health conditions. With some autoimmune diseases, it isn’t like you can just go “work out at the gym”, because there are very limiting and debilitating pain factors holding you prisoner. Shareable graphic included in post.


wildcrafting harvest times, guidelines, backtonaturalnowWildcrafting Basic Guidelines & Harvest Times in North America

Gathering “wild” plants from their natural habitats, to be used for food or medicinal purposes, is known as Wildcrafting. Here are some critical tips to help insure not only your safety, but the continued survival of wild plant species! See my personal Quick Guide to Harvesting Timeline to help you choose which plants to harvest at which times of the year. Shareable graphic.


heal thyroid disease, free series, izabella wentzThe Thyroid Secret ~ Free 9 Part Docuseries March 1-9, 2017

Over 30% of Americans will face a thyroid-related condition and half won’t even know it! If you’re suffering with unexplained weight gain or loss, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, joint pain, memory issues, hair loss, or any of several other debilitating symptoms, you might have a thyroid condition. This FREE 9-part World Premiere Series runs from March 1-9, 2017 and will have a replay plus Q and A sessions if you join late. I highly recommend it!