sustainable natural living prepping

Natural Living and Self-Reliance

Combine the wholesome treasures of the past with modern life to achieve optimal health, wealth, balance, and success. Re-learn and preserve the natural-living skills and wisdom of our ancestors while building a strong financial foundation with the tools available today.

  • Natural home remedies instead of synthetic pharmaceuticals
  • Pure foods minus the toxic chemicals
  • A balanced approach to living in-sync with the planet
  • Self-reliance instead of dependence, worry, and insecurity
  • Appreciating and nurturing those things which truly matter

No matter where you live, or what your current situation, there are many ways to go back to natural, now.  Step by step we can begin to heal the mind, body and spirit naturally, to thrive and prosper, and to achieve lasting success and balance .

My goal in sharing these tidbits of wisdom from my Native American and Pioneer roots is that they won’t be forgotten, and that others will teach similar survival and self-help lessons to the young people in their own lives…to be carried on for generations.