Natural Home

natural home, prepping, homesteading, wildcraftingWelcome Home!  The natural, wise, and thrifty solutions of our ancestors represents a wholesome way of life many of us ache to return to today.

  • Natural home remedies instead of synthetic pharmaceuticals
  • Pure foods minus the toxic chemicals
  • A balanced approach to living in-sync with the planet
  • Self-reliance instead of dependence, worry, and insecurity
  • A prosperous and stable financial foundation to rely on
  • Appreciating and nurturing those things which truly matter

These are all common and worthy goals within our modern society.  No matter where you live, or what your current situation, there are many ways to go back to natural, now.  Step by step we can begin to heal the mind, body and spirit naturally, to thrive and prosper, and to achieve lasting success and balance .

My goal in sharing these tidbits of wisdom from my Native American and Pioneer roots is that they won’t be forgotten, and that others will teach similar survival and self-help lessons to the young people in their own lives…to be carried on for generations.

This page serves as your gateway for navigating things around the homestead such as canning and preserving, off-grid living options, organic gardening, crafts and building projects, do-it-yourself solutions, preparing for emergencies (or SHTF), wilderness survival tips, raising livestock, nurturing family, and all-around self-reliance in day to day living.

Here are a few posts in the Natural Home Category to help you get started:

planning the garden, companion planting, gardening tipsPlanning the Garden

Whether you have a small patio, several acres of land, or something in between, you can still grow many herbs, vegetables, or berries and fruits yourself. Tips for when and where to plant, which plants to choose, companion planting, sourcing natural or rare heirloom seeds, and excellent source for solving any gardening problem.


grapeseed oil for skin care with recipes

Uses and Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

Learn the health benefits of Grapeseed Oil along with DIY recipes for skin care and even preserving wood furniture! Grapeseed oil is a favorite due to it’s light texture and almost undetectable scent or taste. In the kitchen, Grapeseed oil surpasses Olive Oil for for cooking, deep frying, sauteeing, grilling and more. It has twice as much Vitamin E as Olive oil, and only 8% saturated fat.


20 mule team borax, natural cleaningDIY Natural Carpet Freshening Powder

Easy, inexpensive solution for replacing store-bought carpet powders. Made with natural ingredients that repel and even kill mites, fleas, and other insect pests. Includes recommended resource for over 150 home cleaning recipes and tips to help keep your home free of unnecessary toxins.


Hen House Project: One Woman, One Saw, One Week

For a bit of a laugh, I thought I would share my first attempt at building a “portable” hen house. It actually turned out pretty good considering I designed and built it by myself for under $150 using only a circular saw, tape measure, hammer and screwdriver. There were some good features. I already miss that old hen house.