The Thyroid Secret Free 9-part Series

Thyroid disease can literally tear your life apart! I know from experience. Over 30% of Americans will face a thyroid-related condition and half won’t even know it! If you’re suffering with unexplained weight gain or loss, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, joint pain, memory issues, hair loss, or any of several other debilitating symptoms, you might have a thyroid condition.  Many doctors fail to diagnose thyroid disease correctly, or utilize testing which does not adequately measure your specific problems!

Take this free quiz and learn if you are at risk, or are already potentially suffering from a very treatable thyroid condition:  Free Quiz by Dr. Izabella Wentz, Thyroid disease expert, researcher, and patient advocate.

“Thyroid disease can tear your life apart…This is a solemn warning that you are living in a brave new world that is leaving you exposed to harmful substances and environmental triggers that put you at serious at risk. We are staring in the face of a disease which is lying dormant, which will raise its ugly head and begin devouring our very lives. What’s worse, no one is listening to us. –Dr. Izabella Wentz

For those who have a Thyroid Disease, or know a loved one who is suffering, you won’t want to miss the cutting edge thyroid research and solutions in the FREE 9-episode World Premiere Series that begins March 1, 2017.

the thyroid secret, world premiere free seriesSome of the topics you will learn about include:

  • Fertility
  • Hashimoto’s
  • Graves Disease
  • Complementary treatments
  • Nutrition
  • Emotions
  • Triggers
  • Symptoms
  • Supplements
  • Healing
  • Adrenals
  • Success stories
  • Toxins

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Planning the Garden

planning the garden, companion planting, gardening tipsWhether you have a city lot, a few acres of land, or just a small apartment patio, you may still choose to grow some of your own fresh, pesticide-free, and non-GMO food products. You might be surprised at how many things you can grow on just a small, sunny patio. For limited space, there are dwarf and bush varieties of many plants, as well as determinate types of tomatoes which only grow so big before sending their energy into creating tomatoes rather than additional vines.

If you haven’t already chosen the garden location, be sure to pick the area that receives sun for the longest period of the day, won’t be shaded by large trees or buildings during daylight hours, and has adequate drainage. The soil type and condition should be tested as well, allowing the gardener to add amendments as required to achieve maximum plant health and productivity.

Read on for tips on companion planting, where to plant, what to plant, sources for natural and heirloom seeds, and my number one recommended solution for solving any gardening problem! Read more

DIY Natural Carpet Freshening Powder

Now you can replace store-bought carpet powders with a DIY carpet freshening powder containing all natural ingredients that also kills and repels fleas, spiders and other bugs! The main ingredients are inexpensive, simple, and can be easily obtained. Not only does this option save money and avoid the use of toxic chemicals, but it’s Earthy-friendly, too! No more contributing to landfill waste by purchasing yet another “plastic container”. Read more

Danette May New You 30 Day Challenge

The major problem with many weight loss programs, fitness plans and diet regimens is that they fail to empower participants to take control of their fitness success. Once the diet, or the class, is over, people tend to return to their old, familiar habits and put the weight right back on. This is one important area where the Danette May New You 30-Day Challenge seems to really deliver where other programs don’t.

Any big lifestyle change requires a change in “mindset”, too! When people struggle with their weight, or haven’t seen results from numerous other fad diets or exercise plans, they can become stuck in a cycle of defeat, lacking confidence and feeling powerless, victimized, or unworthy. When exposed to a new weight loss program, a spark of excitement and hope begins to flicker. Somewhere in the back of the mind, though, those old self-limiting beliefs are stirring subconsciously. “I’ve tried everything I could get my hands on and I’m still overweight. I won’t succeed this time, either. There’s nothing I can really do – it’s in my genetics.”

With Danette May’s program, participants are given a healthy diet for weight loss with great-tasting foods and exchanges that won’t leave them counting calories or starving, gentle 10-15 minute exercise workouts to target specific areas, body-detoxing strategies, metabolism-boosting tips, and most important of all; 30 full days of support and guidance from a professional trainer who has been down a difficult road herself. Danette May’s own experiences can allow her to relate to the very real debilitating thought processes that may be keeping her customers stuck in vicious cycles of self-defeat.

Many positive reviews from both men and women who have already taken the 30-Day Challenge appear on Danette May’s website and Facebook page, as well as from my own followers who have completed her past challenges. The general “theme” is that participants are actually getting results, and more importantly, people are gaining confidence with each milestone achieved, along with skills and habits they can carry with them after the course ends. If that sounds like the kind of total package transformation and mind/body “balance” you’ve been aching for, why not give it a try? Claim your spot for the next challenge beginning March 6, 2017 before it’s too late!

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