Free Facebook Targeting Trick

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn every post on your Facebook business page into a targeted ad? Well, apparently, you can! Either this feature has been a well-kept secret or I’ve been living under a rock, but either way, I’m glad I discovered it a few days ago. The best part: it’s FREE!

From your Facebook Page, click “Settings” in the upper right corner. At this point, you should be in the “General” settings (has a gear icon next to it). Over on the right look for “Audience Optimization for Posts” and click “Edit”. A box will pop up allowing you to turn on this feature by clicking the box. Be sure to click “Save” after you’ve checked the box. That’s it.

Now, every time you create a new post, there will be a symbol available (as shown below) that looks a bit like a compass rose.

When you click the symbol before choosing publish, you will be able to specify the target audiences for that particular post. A box will pop up highlighting “Preferred Audience“. For example, if you’re posting a recipe, you would want to target Facebook users who have shown an interest in cooking. Start typing in a few terms and you will be given suggestions to choose from along with how many people have expressed interest in each particular term. So, you may end up using more than one targeted term or phrase, such as Cooking, Recipes, or Healthy Diet.

Tip: You can also leverage the followers of large companies that align with (or compete with) your own niche. For instance, if you have a cooking blog, you might choose to include “AllRecipes” in the Interest box so that you will be able to get the attention of those who follow the AllRecipes website.

In the tab called “Audience Restrictions“, you may target specific locations, languages, genders, and age groups. If you only sell products in Canada, or your blog is in French, then you might wish to limit your posts to target only those demographics. Since Facebook age default for users is 13, I like to change this to a minimum age of 18 even though I don’t share “adult content”. I just don’t want to appear as if I’m targeting minors for any reason.

Before you click “Publish”, be sure to “Save” when you are finished with your Audience selections and restrictions.

Bonus Tips for posting to Facebook:

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