20 Ideas to Fight or Prevent Autoimmunity

fight autoimmune diseaseThe overload of toxins in our air, water, food and environment is wreaking havoc on human immune systems, as well as damaging the plants and animals we share the planet with. After learning even a little about the devastating amounts of chemicals all around us on a daily basis, and their severe toxic effects, it’s easy to become depressed, or feel utterly hopeless in being able to do anything about it. Further below, you will find 20 small steps you can begin to take to protect, and even heal, your immune system.

Everything from the formaldehyde in our carpet, fluoride in our water, glyphosate in our food, and Sodium Laurel Sulfate in our body care products can have our immune systems working overtime every minute of the day. As toxins attach to the proteins of our cells, our immune systems can begin to see our own cells as “invaders” and vigorously attack them. Essentially, this means a body begins fighting it’s “self”, and this, in layman’s terms, is the definition of “Autoimmune Disease”.

From the very beginning of mankind, human immune systems only needed to fight off five kinds of invaders: Molds, Bacteria, Virus, Fungus and Parasites. The immune system can, and has, adapted to be able to fight off newly-mutated viruses, for example, but most toxic substances are another story. Many of the toxins in the products we use (even this computer I’m typing on that is made of oil and plastic) are engineered in such a way that they quickly infiltrate and disrupt the ability of our immune systems to combat them.

If you’ve noticed the sharp “rise” in autoimmunity and new disease over the past two or three decades, think about what has changed in our environment and way of life during that time frame. Typically, you can quickly see how the rise in immune dysfunction correlates with the sharp rise in toxin levels, the move away from normal foods to processed foods, the levels of pollution, the immune disrupting chemical “advancements” in pesticides, the lack of time spent outdoors to help build immunity, increases in electronic pollution, and on and on.

In my own lifetime, I recall when microwaves became popular, literally everything was starting to be made from plastic, and soy was the big (not so smart) “health fad” that ended up a permanent ingredient (or cheap filler replacement) in numerous foods we still buy today. Today, ground beef, vegetables, and milk products, for example, don’t even “taste” like I recall from my childhood. For timeline correlation between the introduction of toxins and deteriorating human health, you might like to reference 11 Graphs that Show Everything that is Wrong with the Modern Diet.

Not all newly introduced toxins or lifestyle changes will have an instant effect on the population, so we need to take serious responsibility for controlling our own, individual and family situations immediately! By the time the scientific community “catches up”, or fully understands the repercussions of these toxins and practices, it could be too late to reverse the damage done upon all living things on Earth.

The good news is that our bodies are continually regenerating, adapting and fighting for us all the time. Even in the case of autoimmunity, it is slightly reassuring to know our systems are still firing off attacks against perceived invaders, even though the immune system is randomly and inaccurately targeting everything, and promoting dis-ease. We can also continue learning, and urging regulatory agencies to get up to speed, forcing them to clamp down on corporations like Monsanto that promotes things like glyphosate and uncertain bio-engineering practices. We can, and should, educate our children and grandchildren to give them the tools and habits that will help shape their lifelong habits, resistance to toxins, and autoimmunity.

In order to help protect our bodies and allow them to come back into balance, there are many things we can do right now: Read more