home business success, positive mindset, abundance, work at home, wealthTraining and insight for creating a balanced foundation of financial stability and prosperity. Building confidence and attracting abundance through a positive mindset. Speaking from experience, I can assure you that financial solutions DO exist – even for the most devastating circumstances!  In Back to Natural Now, I am giving you my honest insight and caring support to help you break free from desperate cycles and self-limiting behaviors, and unlock your potential to move ahead confidently.

  • The difference between real work at home JOBS vs. “home business opportunities”, and how to evaluate a business opportunity
  • Guides, Handouts and eCourses to put you on the fast-track to success with your business or MLM/network marketing company.
  • The low-down realities of “get paid to” schemes like surveys for pay or processing email; plus how to research and spot potential scams
  • Thrifty solutions and do-it-yourself ideas for saving money around the home and business, plus tips to prepare ahead for unforeseen disasters
  • Identify and release self-destructive patterns you’re probably unaware of, while using the power of positive thinking to attract abundance
  • Reconnect with the things that truly matter, break free from dependence and obsession with “things” and “conveniences”, and re-learn self-reliant skills.

Financial comfort and security these days can be difficult to come by.  An unexpected job loss, tragedy, or disability can wipe out savings and assets, sending a family spiraling into prolonged poverty and desperation.  Often, that kind of drastic event can last through the generations that follow.  Many retirees are forced to seek employment simply to afford food or medicine.

Desperation can take its’ toll on the human psyche, surfacing in the population as major increases with the rates of addiction, crime, suicide, hopelessness, abuse, broken family structures, and rage.  This negativity can quickly go from a spark, to a blaze that quickly engulfs large portions of society.  People (I’ve observed) tend to mimic the attitudes around them. The cycle is a vicious one.

I want my grandchildren (and yours) to inherit a world in which hope is rekindled, where people who work hard can actually reap the benefits from their efforts, where positive attitudes outweigh the negative, and where achieving a dream is a real possibility again.

Here are a few posts in the Wealth Category to help you get started:


Frustration while seeking work at home optionsHow to Evaluate a Home Business Opportunity (and the difference between a “Job” and an “Opportunity”)

Struggling to find a genuine work from home opportunity that fits your needs? When you post online looking for suggestions, are you being smothered with “ads” and promises of riches? If you feel like you’re being swarmed by vultures, this post is for you! I’m sharing some tips to help you sift through the confusion – no strings attached.


What we Think, We Create

What we “perceive” becomes “reality”.  We have much more control than we realize, or perhaps, we have more influence on the outcome than we want to accept responsibility for. The way we perceive the outer world can be a direct reflection of our inner selves. Learn 8 tips for manifesting abundance through positive mindset.